Restore to a new computer

Start by downloading the program from our download page and install it on the computer you want to restore to.

When you have entered the username and password you will be asked if you want to use a new license, or restore from an existing one.

When you choose to restore from an existing license, you will be asked from which.

The program will then start in “Read-only mode” and you can choose to browse your existing archives.

Restore a full backup or a single file/folder

Start with selecting the profile you want to restore from. Then press the “Restore” button.


You will now see a list of archives that belongs to the selected profile. Select the backup you want to restore from and then continue with pressing “Next”.


At the next step you will choose what files that you want to restore. It’s possible to restore a full backup or a single file/folder.


After the selection of files you can choose to either restore to the original location, or to a custom folder.


When a restore is running you will see the status at realtime.


How to Restore Previous Versions of a File

If you are looking for a specific file you can with the Pro Backup bring up a list of the different versions available in the backup.

Select a backup archive in the program that the file is in, and then right-click the file and select “Search file versions …”


You will then get a list of all versions available in the archives. Here one can easily see the size and the date the file was modified. In the example below are there five full backups, which means that the file is the same in all records.