A program that is is easy to use, but yet so powerful.

Storegate Pro Backup gives a workspace where you can see everything. In this space every window and panels is gathered in one big program window. The workspace gives you an easy access to various tools and functions that you can use to scroll, show, edit and handle your backups.

Full, incremental and differential backup

Storegate Pro Backup can do backup on the files that has been changed from the last backup you made.

Compress the backup with strong AES encryption

Storegate Pro Backup using Zip (or 7-Zip) to compress the data. The program splits the backup in to pieces of 500 MB.

Backup of open files

The program using the functionality Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), which means that you don’t have to shut down your program where backup will be made.

Plugins are used to backup for example user preferences and databases.

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify exactly which files or registry settings that you want to backup. E-mail clients and other common programs often store their files in hidden folders or registry keys. Storegate Pro Backup uses predefined ads (plugins) to make the choices easier.

Database backup

Storegate Pro Backup has plugins to the most common database formats. Backup and reset can be made without the need of stopping the database server.

Advanced Record Management

Storegate Pro Backup creates a library which contains history of backups and files contained in each backup run. After each backup a record is created. This function gives a clear overview of the backup history and allows you to keep track of file versions. By only one click you can restore full, incremental or differential backup at any time.

Runs as a Windows service

Scheduled backups, are running in the background as a Windows service and perform the tasks without the need of a user to be logged in.

Schedule the backups daily, weekly or monthly

It’s easy to create, edit or remove a scheduled backup from the built-in calendar.