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About the service

Storegate Multi gives you full control over the company’s important digital information. You can easily store, share and work in files with the highest level of security within your company. You can also share folders and files externally to customers, suppliers, consultants and other partners.

To work in Storegate Multi

Storegate Multi contains two storage areas where you can store your data:

Common files
Here you add the files and folders to be shared internally within the company.
The Multi administrator can then set permissions for different members of the team, such as If you will have access to a folder or not. (Read more under “Manage users, rights, and groups”)

My files
This is where information that only the user has access to is stored.


Depending on which team service you have, you can use different applications to reach the storage areas. Below you can read about the different options.

Apps for your phone – Here you can watch files as well as upload pictures and movies to the storage sites. Read more about our Apps here

Storegate Cloud Folder – Software for your PC that creates a network device that is connected to your storage.

Storegate via the web – It’s great to log in to the storage area via any browser from any computer to access your company’s files. Read more about Storegate via the web here

Storegate Sync – Software for your PC or Mac that syncs your files to the storage area from one or more computers. Read more about Storegate Sync here

Manage users, rights, and groups

Each team account always has an administrator. It is the administrator who creates or removes users, creates groups, sets permissions for users and groups.

Additionally, the administrator manages all settings for the account as payment options, customer information, restore of accidental deleted files and more.

Read more about the role of the administrator here




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