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iOS App – Manual and settings

In this guide we will show you how to get started with the Storegate app for units running iOS, i.e. iPhone, iPad etc. We will go through the process of uploading files manually to your account, how to activate the automatic upload from your phones camera roll as well as how to manage and share files through the app.
You can find the app in the App Store, just search for “Storegate”.(At the moment we don’t have images showing the app in english. We are working on it, but are pretty sure you understand anyway – if not, please contact support.)
Upload files manually

To upload a file manually to your account, click the upload-button in the bottom of the apps front page.



Choose where you want to upload the file from, for example your phones camera roll, and choose the file. You can select multiple files at the same time and you can chose where the files will be uploaded to by tapping “Choose cataloge” at the bottom of the page.


Upload photos and videos automatically

To activate the automatic backup of photos and videos from your phones camera, go to the app settings. You can find the settings on the apps first page, on the bottom right.


TTap “Activate backup” to access the settings for the automatic backup.



Tap “Activate backup” to access the settings for the automatic backup. Tap the slider next to “Activate backup” to activate the function (1). All pictures and videos that are already on your phone will be uploaded. If you only want new media to be uploaded you need to select “Only new media” (2). You can also chose if you want the app to upload only when connected to a Wi-Fi network, or using mobile data as well (3).


For the app to be able to upload photos and videos automatically in the background in iOS the Storegate app needs access to your units location services. Normally photos and videos can only be uploaded when the app is open, and if the app is closed the upload will pause. With background upload the Storegate app can work in the background a couple of minutes any time your unit changes location. This way the upload can continue even if the app is not open. This happens only because iOS allows it which also means that iOS can deny background uploading if there aren’t any available resources left. The Storegate app does not collect any location data, it only uses it to activate the background upload.

Share files

You can share a file directly from the app. To do this, first go to the part of the account the file you want to share is located in (My files/backup/etc) through the apps front page.

Find the file you want to share and tap it.



Then tap the share icon on the bottom left.



Activate the share and type in your optional password, and finally tap “Finished” to share the file.



the share and type in your optional password, and finally tap “Finished” to share the file. When you’ve shared the file you get a link you can send to whoever you want to share the file with. Chose “Copy”, and then you can paste the link anywhere. You can also share the file through Messages and E-mail. You can edit the share by following the same instructions again. You can then delete the share or change your password.

To see which files you are already sharing, go back to the apps front page and select “Public links”. You will then see a list of all your shared objects, which you can also share using the same instructions as above.

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