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Install Online Backup on a PC when you have already used the program

This guide will help you install the Online Backup program on a new PC or a PC that has been reinstalled. The guide assumes that you have used Online Backup earlier.

If you have not used Online Backup before, follow this guide instead

  • Start by downloading Online Backup here: https://www.storegate.com/en/downloads/
  • Run the file that you downloaded. The installation will now start
  • Press Next
  • If you get a question that you want to allow the program to make changes, press accept / yes
  • Press Start
  • Enter your username and password and press Log in
  • You will now get two options that you can read about below

Yes, I want to download files from a backup

This option suits you who want to restore data from a backup to your new computer.
Continue on this link if this option fits you

No, I want to create a new backup

This choice suits you who want to start a new backup.
This option requires you to have a free backup license on your account or to remove an existing license so that you can reuse that license.
Continue below if you want to create a new backup.

  • Select No, I want to create a new backup and press next
  • Type a name for your backup and press next.
  • If you do not have any backup licenses available, you will receive a message where you can choose to purchase new licenses or manage the ones you have. If you do not need the backups that use the licenses, you can click Manage your backups.

  • You are now sent to the Storegate website and backup management. Click on the X-marking next to the backup that you want to delete and verify.

  • Once the backup is deleted, you can create a new backup in the program. Go back to the Online Backup program and click on “Next”.
  • Select the files / folders you want to backup. In the example we have selected Documents, which means that all subfolders are also highlighted.
  • Press Start Backup. The computer will now work for a while depending on how many files are uploaded in the backup.
  • After a while, the program will say Upload Complete! This means that all files have been uploaded and that everything is working properly. The program will now automatically upload files that change under the folders you previously selected.

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