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Co-brand your Storegate account

Add your logo, background image and link address for your brand in Storegate’s web interface. The co-branding is visible for you and your users when logged in to the web and for everyone on public shares. In addition, you can add a background image to shares, to further enhance the company’s profile. Built-in is also possibility to add a link in the logo, to point directly to your own web page.

To enable Co-Branding, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Account settings” and select “Subscription” and “Price plan”
  • Activate “Co-branding”. New price per month is displayed.
  • Click “Change priceplan” to confirm
  • Go to “Account” -> “Co-branding”
  • Click “Add logo” to add the logo, background image and link
  • Save.

The logo can be a PNG, Svg or JPEG with a maximum of 40+ px height and a maximum of 256kb. The background image can be a PNG, Svg or JPEG with at least 1500 px width and max 256kb.


Co-branding in list view.

Co-branding with logo and background image on public share.

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